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A better question might be why not use native plants?

The benefits are abundant for both our ecosystem and our clients. Using native plants in our landscapes allow us to mimic the immense beauty of this region while also providing important food, shelter, and habitats for local wildlife.

      In addition, native plants:

Attract a variety of birds, butterflies, and important pollinators

Minimize the amount of fertilizer needed and eliminate the

need for pesticides 

Are drought-tolerant, therefore limiting watering requirements

Are adapted for restoring ecosystems

Provide a strong root structure for holding soil and filtering

storm runoff 

Encourage integrated and diverse landscapes

At Earthscapes, we design landscapes with long-term maintenance and budgets in mind which is yet another reason why sourcing native plant material is so important to us. This allows us to create landscapes that require less maintenance than traditional ornamental designs and that will continue to flourish with time.


Lee Dugger has extensive knowledge of native plants in this region and will be happy to work with you to give you a design that suits your needs. 

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