Plant selection is a key component in developing landscape plans. Our goal is for the final plan to blend into our beautiful natural environment, insuring a haven for birds and wildlife, bringing the outside world to your back door. 

We start the design process by setting up a consultation to meet with you on your site. During that meeting we conduct a site analysis, taking a look at the orientation, sun and shade factors, and talk about what you want to accomplish that fits into your budget. 

From our consultation and time spent with you, we will submit a proposal regarding our design fees for your landscape and the associated costs. Once the proposal is accepted we will begin the design process. 



We are a design-build firm that oversees projects from design to completion ensuring that the design is implemented using professional horticulture practices. For our planting designs, we use a matrix system to create layers, covering bare earth with low growing plants, then build up using successively taller planting material. This layering helps prevent competition with weeds during the initial plant installation.  The final product is a landscape that is varied in layers, texture, and color. 


We provide the following services:

  • Planting Plans

  • Rain Gardens

  • Hardscapes & Retaining Walls 


We offer garden and landscape maintenance services for all our installations to ensure the integrity and vision of the original design is preserved. We use a creative management approach that focuses on addressing plant communities as a whole while maintaining the functionality of the landscape. We are also happy to work with clients to manage existing landscapes. 


Our services include:

  • Weed control

  • General clean up (Spring and Fall)

  • Integrated pest management 

  • Invasive plant management 

  • Pruning and deadheading

  • Mulching

  • Soil tests

  • Low Voltage Lighting 

  • Water Features 

  • Drainage corrections